Frost and fence

Frosty trees

Sycamore Leaf

Dunmallard Hillfort

Ulswater Steamer

Martindale Farm

Frost Wall

Trees and lake

Orange winter light

Frosty Lichen

Ulswater Steamer

Boat House

Last Light

Sunsets at bridge

Pooley bridge villiage

Ulswater taken from near the jetty at Pooley Bridge Frosty field seen through iron fence Frosty Field Sycamore leaf, painted in frost Dunmallard Hillfort Howtown jetty and the Ulswater steamer Martindale farm warmed by winter sunshine Frosty Wall Trees and lake Trees and lake frosty lichen Ulswater steamer leaves a wake through the still calm water of the lake small boat house relfects on lake last light of the day Setting sun back at Pooley Bridge Pooley bridge villiage

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