The Lake District.

The heart of Cumbria is its lake district. The most beautiful part of England. Mountains, ridges, valleys and lakes radiating out from the centre.

It is a place apart. There is nowhere quite like it.

Each valley has a character of its own. People who have visited will always be able to name their favourite valley. Borrowdale, Buttermere, Wastwater, Ennerdale, Ulswater, Haweswater, Wet Sleddle Longsleddle, Windermere, Langdales, Coniston, Duddon, Eskdale. Some have lakes, some have rivers. Some are quiet, some are busy. All are incredibly beautiful.

Its people are desended from the Viking Norsemen who defended the hills of Cumbria and Westmorland from the invading, conquering Normans. They fought and never gave in. Their legacy can be heard in the dialect of a cumbrian voice and in the words they used to name their places.

This is my home and these are my people